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Creating an Outline for Essay – Top Tips That Can Help You

To write a perfect essay, you should start with making an outline. It is because making an outline for essay can help you in many ways. It can help you organize your ideas and stick to the main argument of your essay. However, many students do not know how to make a proper outline. This article will give you top tips that can help you create an outline for essay.

Importance of Essay Outlining:

It is very important to make an outline for essay because it can help you know all the main points that you need to cover in your essay. It offers the way you should organize your ideas. Following are some advantages of writing an outline:

  • It has a systematic collection of ideas and main points
  • It gives the essay slow to make it natural and easy to understand
  • In outline, ideas are organized logically with a good plan
  • The thesis or hypothesis that you recommend will give you clear results
  • Professor will give you a better score


Following are some tips that can help you make an outline:

Make proper notes:

Before writing an essay, you have to analyze the literature relevant to your topic. It is important that you make notes while analyzing the literature. It is because it can help you remember the ideas that can come from the materials you have analyzed. It will help you create evidence and give readers useful facts. At this stage, you might need to paraphrase the points you find interesting and write down useful quotes for your essay. All of these things can help you develop evidence to prove your ideas and points. It is a very good way to make the final draft of an essay very informative. You can also hire a cheap essay writing service if you don’t know how to make notes.

Analyze the intended audience:

Before making an outline for essay, you need to analyze your intended audience. If you are writing an essay as an academic assignment, then you just need to use the guidelines given by your teacher for your assignment. It is important that you note what style and language are required because academic essays require a more formal style as compared to articles or blog posts. Clear structure and formal language are used in academic essays.

Determine your main argument:

Another thing you need to do to create outline for essay is to identify the main argument. You need to write down all the important points and ideas related to your topic. In other words, you need to make an outline of the material you would like to use in your essay. For this, it is important to keep in mind the main question that you need to answer in your essay. Keeping the main argument in mind, create a mind map and then write down all the ideas and thoughts as soon as they come to your mind.

Divide your ideas into categories:

At the initial stage of creating an outline for essay, it is good that you collect some important information. You do not have to worry about unnecessary material, as you can remove them later. After collecting the data, you can organize it into various groups. These groups will make a framework for your essay. There are usually three main sections that you can create for your essay: introduction, main body and conclusion. You can also make more than three sections depending upon the size of your essay.

Create broad ideas with specific details:

Your main ideas will serve as the main arguments in your essay. The aim of specific details is to support the main ideas. It is best to create multiple ideas for your essay and divide them into sections. You need to give an argument, supportive facts and evidence to each section.

Conduct research on your essay topic:

Before making an outline for essay, you should understand the topic of your essay. Thus, it is important that you do some preliminary research on your topic. You should search Google with useful keywords related to your essay. This can help you find important publications and articles on your topic. To write a research paper, you should make a list of all the relevant resources as well. It will aid you in generating opinions related to this matter.

Identify the objective of your essay:

When you have developed your opinions, you should write your essay objective. You can write a thesis statement or a simple question which can help you to start an essay. The discussion in your essay should support the thesis statement of your essay with proper evidence. Identifying the objectives can help you stay focused while writing an outline.

List main points for research:

At this stage of writing an outline for essay, you should make a proper sketch of your essay. Try to list down all the points, but it is important that you do not add too many details. You can do a quick brainstorm to find multiple main points for your essay. You can further polish your points during the writing stage. It is important that you make your outline brief and do not add all the details to it.

Organize your ideas:

To make an outline for essay, you need to organize all the ideas that you will discuss in your essay. This will help you polish the structure of your essay. Just try to put your points in order and make a summary of each point.


In the last stage of essay outline, you should revise and remove all the redundant points. For this, you need to ensure that each point is relevant to your essay objective. This can help you to stick to the thesis statement of your essay.


The above guide can help you write a perfect outline for essay. By writing an outline, you can easily write an essay that has a clear argument with proper facts and figures. All you need to do is to follow the above-given tips.

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